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Residential Rates

Residential rates will vary based on the amount of work involved and also the scope of the work.  Residential
customers should call for an estimate and to outline the scope of work performed.  Standard cleanup of an
infected computer will be $125 per machine for simple virus and spyware removal.  Check our specials page
for any coupons that may be available.  Standard residential rates will be $65/hour with a 2 hour minimum.  

Business Rates

Business rates are setup based on the degree of difficulty for each task that the business wants
accomplished.  Business rates are higher because of the liability involved and D² Computer Consultants is
fully insured with professional errors and omissions insurance so you can rest assured that your companies
security and financial stability is safe.

Business rates are as follows:  

$85.00                 PC / Work Station Services and Repair / User Support
$105.00               Network/Firewall Administration and Support
$125.00               All Services outside normal business hours including Sundays and holidays.

Premier Service plans are available that drastically reduce the regular service rates.  See the chart below.  

Included with the Premier Service Plan is the real time monitoring of your systems.

Premier Service Plan rates:

*Price based on 60 hours at $65/hour.  All contracts over 60 hours will be at the rate of $65/hour and
savings will be based on contract price versus regular hourly rate of $105.00 i.e. 70 hours would be billed at
$65 X 70 hours = $4550.00.

PRE-PAID Services are not subjected to special billing for weekend/holiday rates. Pre-Paid
services are good anytime day or night, 365 days a year.

Blocks of Hours =Total $ Savings

The cost of pre-paid plans cover service only, during the CUSTOMER’S normal business office hours (except
in emergency outage situations), and does not cover the cost of parts, software, peripherals, etc. Service
rates quoted are for off-site (at D² COMPUTER CONSULTING), remote access, and on-site services. Pre-Paid
service hours are good for twelve(12) months from the date payment is received.
Pre-paid hours are refundable* and should be used to ensure optimum performance of your computers and
networks.  However, unused hours on an annual contract may be rolled over into a new contract.
Pre-paid amounts purchased for one plan may be applied to another plan during that month. For on-site
service, each service call is a minimum of one-hour, and travel time.  
Block of Hours
60 or more*
Video SurveillanceTop Ten Security Risks
* If for any reason a premium contract must be terminated, D Squared Computer Consulting agrees to refund or repay any unused hours to
customer within 30 days of the termination of the contract.  A written notice for the discontinuation of the contract must be presented to D Squared
Computer Consulting.  Unused hours may also be rolled over for any subsequent annual contract.