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Top Ten Security Threats to Small Business Computer Systems

1.        Firewall and System Probing
2.        E-Mail Attacks
3.        Network File System Application Attacks
4.        Vendor Default Password Attacks
5.        Sniffing, Spoofing, Fragmentation, and Splicing Attacks
6.        “Insider” Attacks
7.        Easy-to-Guess Passwords
8.        Computer Viruses, Spyware, Malware
9.        Prefix Scanning
10.      Trojan Horse and variants

D Squared Computer Consulting can help you lock down your network to prevent these and other
types of attacks that can come against your business.  

There is no reason a small business owner cannot benefit from the same security measures that
large enterprises have put in place.  A Distributed Firewall (DFW) installed by a qualified security
technician can help protect your sensitive customer data and is your first line of defense from
these types of attacks.

In addition to a DFW, small business should also have up to date anti-virus, anti-spyware, and
web filtering in place to insure that individual computers are protected from attacks.  A firewall
alone will not protect your business; if a computer makes a legitimate request to the Internet then
the data can be allowed back through.  A Firewall solution with stateful packet inspection can
minimize this risk.  D Squared Computer Consulting can put a system in place that will protect
your network by allowing only the websites the business owner allows to be accessed.  This not
only protects your computers, but it also keeps your employees focused on the business and not
surfing the Internet.

D Squared Computer Consulting can also design and implement a secure Virtual Private Network
(VPN) for remote connection back to your business.  A secure VPN gives the business owner the
ability to connect back to the office to work remotely or just to check business systems or sales.  
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