Introduction to IP Based Systems

In both retail operations and the sales floor, the competition is fierce and the profit margins are slim. To
stay on top, retailers have to seize every advantage they can. This often means adopting the latest technological
advances as they become available. That’s why today nearly every aspect of retail operations,
from inventory to hiring, is computerized and networked. Now is the time to add video surveillance to
the list.

IP (Internet Protocol) video surveillance gives retailers new tools and capabilities for improving loss prevention
and store performance. By enabling video to be captured as digital information and accessed
anywhere on an IP-based network, IP video surveillance allows your loss prevention staff and other departments
to view, analyze and manage surveillance video. Built-in intelligence also enables cameras to
automatically detect and alert staff to potential thefts, suspicious behavior, and other events.
The advantages hardly stop there. This same intelligence opens the door to new in-store research methods
for determining the effectiveness of store layout, display design, and employee behavior. What’s
more, through advantages in using common networking and digital camera technology, stores can
achieve everything from a lower total cost of ownership to higher resolution imagery that improves forensic
evidence and repurposing for training and other uses.

Let D² Computer Consulting help you design and install the system that is right for you.  We can design an IP system that
will continue to record even during a power outage so you will always be protected.  
Our IP systems use POWER OVER ETHERNET (POE) which means no additional electrical cables have to be installed
for the cameras.  Below is a sample diagram of a POE system.
This diagram shows how a POE system with a UPS will keep you protected even during a power outage.
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Video SurveillanceTop Ten Security Risks
D Squared carries a full line of camera systems.  You can view our complete line of video
systems by clicking on the link below.  Also, we have added some additional information on
the IP Camera systems that are gaining in popularity.  We will install IP or analog/digital
CCTV systems based on customer budget and preference.
Protect Yourself with a Video camera Surveillance System

With crime rates soaring, people are beginning to take measures to protect themselves. Certain things have to be done in
order to protect their business, family and home. One of those things is purchasing a video surveillance system. While that
may seem like a drastic measure, it will provide families and business owners with the peace of mind needed to relax and
enjoy life. Those businesses and families that are considering making the step toward that kind of protection need to
consider how to properly go about purchasing such a security video product.

It is important that consumers know what they are getting before they purchase equipment. With so many products on the
market, consumers can often get tricked into purchasing something that is of poor quality. If a video is faulty, it will not do
any good. It will not offer any protection to the users, and they will be disappointed with their CCTV camera product. High
end prices for home security products do not always mean high quality. That is something that is very important for
consumers to take on board.

In fact, we offer a video that is not priced high at all, but is of excellent quality. Those who are mindful of staying within a
budget need to keep that in mind. There are lots of great CCTV deals on the market. Consumers just need to know where
to look for the best in cctv products.

If a product has a guarantee of some sort, then there is good reason to believe that it is of high quality. Most cctv
merchants will not guarantee a product they do not believe in. Also, consumers must sure that the equipment has
undergone testing before shipment. If a CCTV business sends products out without checking them first, they waste your
time and money.

Technical support is incredibly important when looking for a video surveillance system. Consumers want to use a security
company that will offer them assistance as they set their cctv equipment up. Those so called cctv companies that leave
consumers alone after the cctv security products are purchased need to be avoided. After all, this kind of video surveillance
equipment can be difficult to install, and it needs to be set up right. Without the necessary technical advice and assistance
for cctv products, consumers could easily get discouraged.

There is a company that offers all of the above mentioned things to consumers and even more. D Squared Computer
Consulting has quality surveillance products at affordable prices. They test all of their cctv equipment and their products are
outfitted with high quality Sony chips. They will help with the installation of the product or with any other questions their
customers have. For more information, visit